MAS 3rd Album "En Kei" 2010.11.10 On Sale

1. We should make strange things
2. Slow burning
3. Rasen
4. A tube and the balloons
5. Kanata - Inside
6. Kanata - Outside
7. Elpeeeeee
8. Factactacfah
9. The Dawning
Tower union
You can get Remix CD-R of "En Kei"! When you buy this album at Tower Records, HMV and DISC UNION in Japan.
Remixers are Ty.Tu.(Tyme.+Tujiko Noriko), iiP feat. Kana Otsubo (SCLL, NINI TOUNUMA, riss&nini), KangarooPaw and Tyme.!
Kanata - Inside : remixed by Ty.Tu. (Tyme.+Tujiko Noriko)
Kanata - Outside : remixed by iiP feat. Kana Otsubo (SCLL, NINI TOUNUMA)
Rasen : remixed by KangarooPaw
Tsurukame Skipper : remixed by Tyme.

— We should make strange things (trailer)

— MAS 3rd Album "えんけい / En Kei"

— elpee

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About " En kei "

En Kei

The voice call your name from faraway

There are several ways Enkei can be interpreted with Sino-Japanese ideograms.. One way to read it would be using the characters for circle "en", and diameter "kei". Another reading would be interpreted as "distant view". Two points connecting a circle or line. Alandscape in the distance.
MAS' much anticipated third album, demonstrating a style of musicianship that comprises of Rock, Dub, Jazz and Electronica will finally be released via flyrec, the label from which they released their two previous albums. Beautiful melodies and dancing rhythms stir up a multitude of scenes and emotions in this masterpiece of exquisitely evolved sound.
Track 1 encompasses Afro-dub while resounding Pop. Track 2's recurring melody enkindles a trance. Track 3 can easily be hailed as the new standard in Dub-rock. Track 6 boasts an intense drive and beauty. Track 7 is the quintessential electronic jam. Avant-garde sax and drums intensively barge through track 8. This ensemble, centered around the sax, violin and electronic sounds layered atop galloping rhythsm, deploys a soundscape that is both dynamical and delicate in a way only MAS could execute.
As for guest spots, pasadena and Satoshi Ishimoto from Arakjime Kimerareta Koibitotachi provide a dub mix, while Takeshi Shiokawa from BALLOONS joins in on the guitar.
The jacket artwork was created by manga artist group, mashcomix member and hermit-master Tadahiro Gunji, who did the artwork for MAS' first and second albums.
Nine tracks of the simple yet complex, Pop yet Antipop.



Formed in late 1999.
At first, MAS started out as programmed beats featuring songs that contained a floating feel to it, and since 2002 their format has evolved to what it is today.
MAS in an instrumental ensemble that places much importance on precisely programmed electronics, complex yet Pop sounding melodies and rhythms, who arrange a unique brand of soundscapes that interweaves dub.
MAS released their first album, "turn", with Tujiko Noriko and miroque, and their second album, "steppers+", which contained several tracks with Origami and included a remix of "turn" through flyrec, a label that played an important role during the dawn of Japanese Electronica. The albums have received critical acclaim at home and abroad, and praised by Naruyoshi Kikuchi as "a masterpiece that will herald the beginning of true Jazz-electronica.
With much energy, MAS has embarked on numerous collaborations and the like; remixing BALLOONS, asana, pasadena, as wells as performing live at installations at the Toyota Municipal Museum of Art and the Yokosuka Museum of Art, and on DVD for modern artist Kenji Yanobe.

Tatsuya Yamada (Tyme.), producer for Tujiko Noriko and toto (suika), leads this 5-man group, which includes the energetic and high-profile critic/musician Yoshio Ootani, who also collaborated in Sotairiron, as well as member of sgt., Mikiko Narui, who is much talked about within the scene.

World Penguin’s Carnival 7DAYS CIRCUIT DAY:6

11/23(Tue. Public Holiday)
"MAS"「En kei」 Release PARTY!!

at O-NEST (Shibuya)

OPEN 18:00 / START 18:30
TICKET:ADV¥2,000 / DOOR¥2500

Tujiko Noriko
Joseph Nothing dan yoshikawa + Aya Takano (VJ)
aus (band set)

naturemian (Macrobiotic food) / LOS Amigos (TACOS)



MAS are
Tatsuya Yamada : Guitar, Vibrafone, Programming, Sound Design
Masami Hokama : Bass, Trumpet
Yoshinori Kuno : Drums
Yoshio Ootani : Sax, Digital Percussion, Voice
Mikiko Narui : Violin, Vibrafone

Guest players are
Satoshi Ishimoto (pasadena) : Dub mix on M1, M3
Takeshi Shiokawa (Balloons, L.E.D.) : Guitar on M1, M4, M8

All songs written, edited and produced by Tatsuya Yamada (Tyme.)
exept Tr.8,Tr.9 written by Tatsuya Yamada and Yoshio Ootani
Tr.7 written by MAS

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Kohsuke Nakamura (Kangaroo Paw)
Recorded at Shinkhai Studio, Presence

Illustrated and designed by Tadahiro Gunji (SEN)


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